Sermon Series


Whos-Your-One-Primary-Color.pngWho’s Your One?

When you think of someone far from God, who’s the first person who comes to mind? Is it a neighbor? Coworker? Parent? No matter who it is, God can use you to reach them.


HaggaiHaggai: Building More than You Can See

Sometimes it is hard for us to see exactly what God is doing in our life especially in the midst of discouragement or other difficulties. The book of Haggai reminds us to remain faithful and courageously trust God.


John series with cloudsJohn: So that You May Believe

In John 20:31, John writes that all the things he wrote in his gospel were for the purpose that people may believe. Believe what? Believe that Jesus is the Christ and that Jesus is the Son of God.


Christmas 2018 SeriesIsaiah 9_6 Isaiah 9:6: What’s in a name?

For Christmas 2018 we will look at the names given to Jesus Christ in Isaiah 9:6. He is our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace!


Standalone SermonsStandalone Sermons

All these sermons were preached apart from a scheduled series or by a guest preacher.