Equip Classes

Equip Classes exist to equip Grace Hill church for the Work of Ministry and For Building Up the Body of Christ

Equip Classes are our adult education ministry. These classes help us to comprehend the subtle intricacies and overarching truths of our God and the theology, ministry, and history He has authored.

Equip classes are generally offered while our community groups are not meeting (Dec—Jan & June–July). However, the schedule of each class varies. You will have to look at the schedule of each class to determine if it is something you are able to participate in. Each equip class has a definitive start and finish and based upon a topic.

We try to keep every book that needs to be purchased less than $40. If purchasing a book would hinder you from taking the class, please do not let it. Speak to one of our elders before you allow the cost of a book to deter you from taking an equip class.

Below you will find the available classes, descriptions, schedules, and registration forms.


Join the Mission – An Introduction to Grace Hill Church

This class is the exception to the above. This class is offered throughout the year. We offer this class the last Sunday in January, April, July, and October. The dates for 2019 are 1/27, 4/28, 7/28, and 10/27. For now, this is one three-hour class that explains biblical church membership, baptism, and who we are at Grace Hill. The elders at Grace Hill teach this class together.

Anyone is welcome to take this class, but it is required for anyone who is seeking membership at GHC. If you have questions about pursuing membership, please contact one of the elders. Registration is always open for the upcoming class.

*Meal and childcare provided*


Sign-up for our April 28, 2019 Join the Mission Class



Foundations – Systematic Theology

This class will be offered during summer 2019. It will meet for 8 sessions on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 for about 75 minutes. Dates are 6/2, 6/09, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28. It will be taught by Lee Callicutt. Registration is now open.

*The book needed for this class is James Montgomery Boice’s “Foundations of the Christian Faith.”

Forthcoming Classes

Apologetics – Defending the Faith

Bible Exposition – How to Teach the Bible

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Foundations for Gender and Marriage

Christians in the Workplace – Engaging the World at Work

Evangelism – Sharing the Faith with Our Words

How to Grow – A Look at Spiritual Disciplines

How to Study the Bible – A Look at Biblical Interpretation

Stewardship – Personal Finance and the Glory of God