You may find it strange that a church plant would tell people that they aren’t a church. However, that’s just what we are doing. Grace Hill is not a church . . . yet. Yes, we have a website, leadership, Facebook page, and even a logo really soon. The federal government and the state of NC would recognize an entity called Grace Hill Church, BUT Grace Hill is not a church . . . yet.

So, what will it take for Grace Hill to become a church and what role could you potentially play in the process?

1. Grace Hill will need people.

We all know that without people there is no church. We can have all the websites, money, logos, and buildings, but without people, we aren’t a church. Grace Hill is not a church because it has no people . . . yet.

This is why we will hold Bible studies. This is why we will evangelize. We need people to come together and promise (covenant) together to be a church. A church is formed when a group of believers promise to one another that they will gather together regularly to worship and study God’s word, work together to fulfill the Great Commission, and commit to one another’s growth in holiness.

The glue that holds this promise together is church membership. Without a membership, you have no church.

2. Grace Hill will need a confession.

Any group of people can get together for a common cause, but a church is centered upon Jesus Christ and his wonderful gospel. Therefore, Grace Hill will have to adopt a confession of faith. This means we will believe and agree on the true message of Christianity. If this group of diverse people is going to come together in community and mission, then what brings us together must be stronger than what would bring us apart. We should agree on what the Word of God teaches. Grace Hill will have to be theologically grounded and united in a confession of faith. The leadership at Grace Hill is committed to truth as a value. If you want to know more about the confession that we will propose, click here.

3. Grace Hill will need leaders.

If the previous two steps are taken care of, 1) we have come together in covenant membership and 2) we have adopted a confession of faith, then we need biblically qualified (1 Tim 3:1-7) pastors/elders to lead and shepherd the congregation through the Word of God. A church plant needs pastors. So, those among the covenant membership who meet the biblical qualifications should be appointed and set apart for the work of this office.

These pastors will serve the congregation through the ministry of the Word and the administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

So, Grace Hill Church is not a church . . . yet. But with God’s blessings and grace, we soon will be.

By God’s grace, there will come a point in 2018, where a group of people will be asked to sign a “Membership Covenant” together, vote to affirm and submit to our confession of faith, and certain members of our Leadership Team (and perhaps others in the membership), will be appointed and affirmed through a vote to become elders at Grace Hill. Then, we will gather together regularly around the Word and ordinances of the church as a confessing, covenant body of believers.

Now, that’s when Grace Hill becomes a church!

How can I be a part of Grace Hill?

We are currently looking for people who might be interested in being the very first covenant members at Grace Hill. If you are interested in that, we will have our very first interest meeting very soon where you can find out more information on the whole process. Please keep up with our blog, this website, and our Facebook page.


**If you would like to do more reading on this topic, we highly recommend Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman, Church Elders by Jeramie Rinne, or What is a Healthy Church? by Mark Dever.